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Account Management & Planning

It’s about listening. We want to know your business, where you are and where you want to be. By understanding your unique brand and goals we are better able to put our strategic, creative and technical expertise to work for you. At Bent Media Company, we strive to deliver the best possible work, on time and on budget. Finding responsible and unique solutions that fit our clients’ needs is at the core of our work ethic.

Creative Design

Our creative services are grown from great ideas. We like finding that special seed about your business and developing a thoughtful program to give it life. At the heart of our creative team’s goals is a strong balance between eye-catching, visually appealing graphics and functional, marketable design.


New business that needs an identity? Existing business that needs a brand makeover? Bent Media Company can help you establish a personality for your business that will reflect who you are and what you do. True branding is about establishing a body, a personality and an intent for your company, ensuring that it applies cohesively to all areas of your marketing. We understand that branding works best when every message that reaches your audience is unified and presents a cohesive, identifiable picture of who you are. We can concept and design new brand logos or redesign existing brands. With our branding solutions, we strive to not only create a look and feel for your business, but also a consistent and marketable context for any areas of your branding we touch.

Advertising Campaign Management

Digital, print, radio, TV… Whatever outlets you choose, we can develop and implement an advertising campaign that will increase the traffic to your website and in your front door. Advertising gives you the opportunity to engage your consumers, to create interest, receive feedback and create community support and awareness.

PR Campaign Management

Is there something particularly unique about your business that you want everyone to know? Bent Media Company can help you identify your news-worthiness and spread the word.

Copy Writing

Copy writing today is much more than just words on a page. It’s finding the right mode of communication to cover very broad media outlets. Our copy writing staff understands the critical differences in writing for the spectrum of outlets – print, broadcast, online advertising, website content, blogs, social media, editorial and public relations, and video scripting.