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Name: Benjamin M. Tangye
Job desc.: Founder
Obsession: Fighting Evil
Age: 40
Originally from the west coast, Ben spent his summers and certain holidays in the deep south – a lifestyle that led him to select the University of Alabama at Birmingham as a good place to satisfy his right brain-left brain addiction. After graduating with a Philosophy – Biology/Chemistry degree, Ben joined the fledgling SOBE/HEADSHOCK Cannondale Mountain Bike Team. After a couple years sleeping out of a 4-Runner and eating In-N-Out Burgers, Ben realized that podium finishes were hard to come by and his Texaco card was maxed. Upon this realization, Ben decided it was time to pursue a career.

In 1997, Ben began working in marketing, membership, and public policy for a large non-profit organization that wrote health and safety codes for the United States and abroad. After working for nearly a decade in public policy, Ben tried his hand in the construction business – an endeavor that was road blocked by the real estate market crash in 2006. In 2007, Ben found an interest in the untapped business potential of the internet when he realized that the hunting land real estate industry was missing out on interested buyers by only advertising in local print publications. Thus, the North American Land Network ( was born.

With the North American Land Network came a hard realization… Sure, it was easy to build a technology platform to launch a website, but no amount of money could buy the knowledge on how to make a website succeed. Lucky for Ben, his do or die attitude came in to play when he had to teach himself how to navigate the unchartered waters of internet business. Ben quickly learned the key to accomplishing business goals online and developed a strong yearning to apply this knowledge to other businesses. So, after spending his and his wife’s retirement on old fashioned trial and error learning, Ben founded Bent Media Company with the goal of helping other companies define and accomplish their own business goals.